Pavel Malkov: Sapozhkovsky district needs to participate more actively in the regional program to support local initiatives

On August 1, Acting Governor Pavel Malkov visited the Sapozhkovsky district on a working trip. Among other things, he held meetings with the head of the administration of the municipality, activists of the district and residents of Sapozhok. During the communication, the acting head of the region discussed with the participants a number of problematic topics, tasks for the development of the territory of the municipality, and answered questions.

Among the priority tasks that need to be addressed in the Sapozhkovsky district is the repair of roads, both regional and local. Including those included in the street network of Boots, rural settlements, sections of school routes. Also in the district, the wear of water supply networks is 90%.

The Acting Governor noted that it is planned to carry out the repair of the road to the village of Chernaya Rechka, where the facilities of the leading agricultural enterprise of the region – KFH Gusev E.A., are planned to be carried out with the support of the federal level. Commenting on the existing problems in the housing and communal services of the district, Pavel Malkov said that the region plans to enter the profile federal program next year. It will expand the scope of the region to address issues in this direction.

In Sapozhka, a number of buildings of the 19th century on Sovetskaya Street require repair and reconstruction. These are objects of cultural heritage of municipal significance. The solution of this issue will significantly improve the level of improvement of the center of the village as a whole. Pavel Malkov emphasized that the issue of repairing any object of cultural heritage is always difficult:

“We need to understand how to implement the project with maximum efficiency, without violating the current legislation.”

The Acting Governor noted that he would seek support from the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

“Sapozhkovsky district needs to participate more actively in the regional program to support local initiatives. We will definitely develop it,” the acting governor said. – This is the most effective mechanism of work, which will allow in the near future to transform the center of Sapozhok, to make comfortable areas for residents to relax. And most importantly, local residents develop a sense of responsibility for their small homeland.”

Pavel Malkov instructed the Ministry of Regional Territories to support the district administration in preparing and submitting an application for participation in this program with a project to improve the park on Revolution Street.

It was also about the development of the region’s economy. Including the agricultural industry, which is key for the region, about attracting investments in the development of minerals, creating new jobs, returning unused agricultural land to circulation, improving territories and creating tourism infrastructure.

They discussed the possibility of building a concrete bridge across the Para River instead of a wooden one on the section of the school route between the villages of Krasnoye and Krasnaya Yablonka, a sports and recreation complex in the district center (design and estimate documentation is currently being prepared for the facilities), as well as street lighting in settlements, and the development of the Sapozhkovskaya mud bath.

“Healing mud in Sapozhka is one of the best in the country and beyond. The mud bath is up and running again today. This is good. But, in addition to self-supporting beds, budget-funded ones should also appear, for residents of the region. This issue must be worked out and resolved,” Pavel Malkov said and gave instructions to the head of the district administration and the relevant ministry.