Pavel Malkov: Sapozhkovskaya secondary school should be included in the comprehensive reconstruction program

On August 1, during a working visit to the Sapozhkovsky district, Acting Governor Pavel Malkov visited the secondary school named after Hero of Russia A.I. Tuchin. He toured the classrooms and the museum.

The building has the status of an object of cultural heritage. According to the director of the school, Vyacheslav Chizhkov, this makes repairs difficult. At the moment, only restoration work can be carried out here.

The school has two buildings. There are 249 students in grades 1-4 in the primary school. There are 400 schoolchildren in grades 5-11 in the building for the middle level. There are gyms, libraries, assembly halls, the Point of Growth center. Meals for children are organized in catering units.

Pavel Malkov discussed with the director of the school the issue of including the school in the comprehensive reconstruction program. Such a project will completely update all equipment, textbooks, and the surrounding area.

“The school looks great. You can see that people are passionate about what they do. It’s always nice to direct resources to where you see that there is a return. Therefore, this school, of course, should be included in the comprehensive reconstruction program,” said Acting Governor Pavel Malkov.