Sapozhkovo village Morozovy-Borki celebrated its 365th anniversary

On July 30, Village Day was celebrated in Morozovy-Borki, Sapozhkovsky district. Residents of the village of Sobchakovo, the villages of Dmitrievka and Aleksandro-Praskovinka came to the holiday.

The program of the anniversary was presented by the employees of the regional House of Culture. The guests were gathered under the old linden trees near the administration building. At long tables they were treated to fish soup and shish kebabs, various pastries, and tea.

The holiday was opened by the head of the rural settlement Alexander Lobanov. He congratulated fellow countrymen on the 365th anniversary of the village. Together with Marina Pletneva, Deputy Head of the Administration of the Sapozhkovsky District for Economics, Finance and Agriculture, they presented gifts and letters of thanks to active residents of Morozov-Borki. Warm words were heard by the rector of the local church, Sergiy Kabanov, the director of the school, Lyudmila Kuznetsova, and teachers. Spouses who have lived a long life together. Large families from Sobchakov and Morozov-Borkov. We also thanked the agricultural workers for their work. Alexander Lobanov also presented gifts to the children and grandchildren of the workers on behalf of the heads of farms Nikolai Sergeyevich Kondratenko and Sergey Vladimirovich Petin.

Lyudmila Kuznetsova, director of the school:

“There were a lot of people, but there was enough space for everyone. Music sounded, there was a brisk trade in pastries, flowers, toys for children, and the work of local craftswomen. The exhibition of books of our countrymen attracted attention. The holiday brought many pleasant moments. As always, the artists from Nadezhda performed wonderfully. Adults sang along with pleasure, danced to the music. And how the children had fun, of which there were many! Thanks for the excellent organization of the Village Day to the head of the settlement Alexander Lobanov and the leading specialist of the rural House of Culture Vera Aksenova and all the employees of the district House of Culture.