December 16, 2022, 08:59 – Public News Service – OSN

All-Russian Santa Claus spoke about his gastronomic passions. He did this during an online conference, where he answered questions from children and journalists.

So, the magician is extremely partial to sweets – he loves honey and honey gingerbread, which he drinks with tea with thyme, thyme and lingonberries.

At the same time, he noted that he grows a lot of this on his own beds.

Recall that the house of Santa Claus is located in the Vologda region in Veliky Ustyug. This is a favorite place for many tourists.

Previously, it became known that Russia sweets and desserts became the most popular gift among the inhabitants of the country for the upcoming New Year. 47% of the participants voted for the appropriate gift for the upcoming holiday. The second most popular gift for the New Year is Christmas tree and themed decorations (45% of respondents).

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