Last year, around 1.67 million passenger cars were sold in Russia. It would seem that after the launch of wolves in Ukraine, when a number of cars left Russia and grew cars there, at least some of these cars could appear in Europe, where some models will have you for a year. Unfortunately, European customers do not stick together.

The reason is vc. The vast majority of cars sold in Russia are directly manufactured there, or imported. koda Auto thus produced around 90,000 cars in Russia last year. Peugeot sales there are around 10,000 cars, and the factory has a factory in Kaluga.

In fact, in Russia we will produce more cars, not sell them, and the increase in production capacity cannot be expected. And let’s not even shorten the delivery deadlines for our customers, which would arise as a result of the suspension of the import of Peugeot cars to Russia, to the Czech Peugeot Radek Matthey.

In addition, cars made in Russia are homologated for the local market, and there is no connection in Europe, as evidenced by David Haidinger from BMW: The import of vehicles to Russia was stopped and canceled. These vehicles are then stored in logistics centers. We are currently unable to provide information on how these vehicles will be used in the future.

Only those models that were produced in some factories in Europe and imported into Russia would have a significant shortening of delivery times. In this case, the stopped production capacity is freed by stopping deliveries to the entrance. Then it is the struggle of individual imports how many cars they can return their original approved flowers.

The cars for the Russian Federation have been subject to a completely different homologation, not required by the EU. In accordance with this homologation, Volkswagen production cars for the Russian market were only in the production plant in Russia, says David Valenta from the Czech Volkswagen. The only exception was the Touareg model, which was made in Bratislava and brought to Russia. That, too, could theoretically be the only model that has better availability for the rest of the market.

Volkswagen Touareg

However, this should not lead to damage to the supply chain in Ukraine due to the production of Peru or even the destruction of local production lines. In Ukraine, a number of lengths are produced for the Touareg, such as some cable harnesses, power lines and urine tanks, some electrical systems, etc. Also, as a result, the availability of the Touareg model is the current mountain, not before the invasion. Not only the gasoline version 3.0 TSI, which is independent of suppliers from Ukraine, says Valenta.

According to information from, there is only one feature in the furnace that this situation has managed to do. The European representation of Lexus jumped for a thousand pieces of the RX 300 model, which were originally intended for the Russian market. Therefore, the unhybridized version with a two-liter turbo gasoline engine, which the features recently removed from the price list, is returning to the European offer.

Lexus RX

Now offer it with a significant discount compared to the original prices (approximately half a million crowns). Cars with a Czech price tag of 1.4 million are in stock, which for me customers, for whom the characters are not able to deliver cars in the foreseeable future, will be interested in this. According to information from, the Czech Republic stocked 250 of these cars, which belong to the same models of the series.