f Samsung Electronics TM Roh boasted as a result of the sale of compact model characters. There are two of them: vko From Flip 3 and a book-shaped model From Fold 3. These models were presented by Samsung last August, by then they had purchased their predecessors.

According to Roh, Samsung sold ten million smartphones last year. That is, in modified models and their predecessors From Flip 5G and From Fold 2, an older model may be sold, but it will only be a minimal amount. Although the company does not provide details, the majority of sold models will be good news. And that’s mainly because of the prices.

Samsung has listed the prices for both lok models, not how much they paid for the predecessors. In particular, the Z Flip 3 cover has been reduced in price from roughly 36,000 to 26,990 crowns for the basic version. In addition, there is practically no competition on the market, Motorola Razr 5G was only sold last year, and a new model is coming this year in z. A Huawei P50 Pocket in view of the American embargo, it is a marginal model, and in addition, it is not Z Flip 3.

There is competition in the ppad Z Fold 3, but last year it was practically only Xiaomi Mi Mix Foldwhich, moreover, sold moderately in n Oppo Find N, which also started to be sold this year. The Huawei manufacturer did not generate any sales force, even they are subject to the American embargo and therefore problematic usability outside of it.

From the above result, the ten million Samsung models represent the core of the market for these phones. I estimate there are five million competing devices. It’s not a big market at the moment, less than one percent of the entire smartphone market, but it’s not that full.

TM Roh also revealed the overall sales model according to both. Seventy percent of the price was affordable. Ten percent then falls on the desktop Z Fold 3. This ratio will not change in the future, also because of the price difference, which will very likely remain.

New models Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 introduction of Samsung on August 10. The sale will then start in early August.