Samoilova showed her figure before and after losing weight

Russian blogger and entrepreneur Oksana Samoilova showed her figure before and after losing weight. The corresponding publication appeared in her Instagram story (social network is prohibited in RF; belongs to the Meta corporation, which is recognized as extremist in Russia and is banned).

The 35-year-old wife of rapper Dzhigan, in response to a subscriber’s compliment about her good physical shape, showed a photo in which she appeared in ultra-short shorts and a top. At the same time, the star showed off her bare stomach and legs.

“Here I’m about 25. I think now, at 35, my body looks better. If I didn’t work out, I would just be thin and thin, without a butt, without gorgeous pumped up legs,” she said.

At the same time, in another video, Samoilova danced on camera in a fitness suit. The posted frames show that her body looks toned and sculpted. “It’s enough to get yourself in perfect shape once! Of course, this is work. But then your body will thank you all your life and respond to even minimal load, and you will look like you never left the gym,” the blogger concluded.

Earlier in November Oksana Samoilova showed body in latex bikini. The wife of rapper Dzhigan shared a video in her story, which shows her posing in front of a mirror.

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