Salao managed to advance to the second stage of qualifying for the 18 fastest only in the opening of the Qatar Grand Prix after the strong race. In the following six Grand Prix winners, his first qualification was his maximum.

Tiadvact city is Sala’s worst of the season, he drove it in Indonesia and Argentina. Pole position was won by the Moto3 world champion Pedro Acosta from Spain.

The Italian Francesco Bagnaia will start in the first place in a row in the first place in a row in the Croatian MotoGP, just two weeks ago in Jerez he finished from the pole position for the first game of the season.

Grand Prix of France

Qualification for the World Cup motorcycle race in Le Mans

Moto3: 1. Foggia (It./Honda) 1: 41.621, 2. Suzuki (It./Honda) -0.151, 3. Masi (p./KTM) -0.157.

Moto2: 1. Acosta (p./Kalex) 1: 35.803, 2. Dixon (Brit./Kalex) -0.118, 3. A. Fernndez (p./Kalex) -0.160, …23. Sala (R / Kalex) did not advance to the qualification type.

MotoGP: 1. Bagnaia (It./Ducati) 1: 30.450, 2. Miller (Austr./Ducati) -0.069, 3. A. Espargar (p./Aprilia) -0.159.