Sailors spoke about the most terrible and inexplicable incidents on the high seas

The sailors recalled the most terrible and inexplicable incidents they witnessed while serving on ships and working on the high seas. Their stories collected on the Reddit website.

One of the users spoke about an encounter with a rogue wave – a giant single wave whose height can exceed 20 meters. This happened during a night storm.

The ship began to rise on the wave and reached the point where it was time to go down, but the wave did not end and did not end. And then it finally happened. The ship went down. Everyone prepared for the impact, began to grab hold of what, but still fell to the deck


A former naval sailor said that while serving on an aircraft carrier he witnessed a mysterious phenomenon.

The most wonderful thing: a huge column of fire from the water hundreds of miles from the coast. It looked like flames above an oil refinery, but below there was nothing but water. The fire was several stories high


According to a user with the nickname MAGNAPlNNA, the most terrible incident in his memory occurred when he participated in the filming of a documentary in the North Atlantic.

On one particularly unsuccessful trip, everything that could possibly have gone wrong. For some unhealthy time we were without water, without food, without sleep. First, auditory hallucinations began. Ships are always noisy, and when you are not yourself, you begin to distinguish words in the sounds. I heard children laughing, choral singing, and – this was the worst of all – splashing that sounded exactly like my name. And if you add visual hallucinations, it becomes truly scary. At some point I decided that we were in the desert, there was sand all around, and mountains were visible in the distance. Another team member was also going crazy and shouting that we were about to collide with a high-rise building


User fd1Jeff talked about a tiny boat with oars that he encountered on the open sea.

I served in the navy. Somewhere off the coast of Italy I saw a tiny boat – no bigger than an ordinary rowboat. Nine or ten miles to land, midnight. Pitch darkness, not a light visible from the shore, not a single other ship around. There was a light on the boat. Our captain said that this is the fisherman trying to attract fish.


A user with the nickname baron_von_helmut told about an incident that happened when he lived in Thailand in the early 1990s.

One morning there was some commotion on the shore. I went to see what happened. People crowded around something. At first I thought it was a log washed up by the sea. But it turned out that this was the body of a sailor with his throat cut. Locals said that this often happens at sea – there is complete chaos there. The drowned man is said to have had a tattoo with the inscription “A woman in every port.” The locals, by the way, did not like the “seamen,” as they called them. And there was a clear difference between local fishermen and “sea” fishermen


Previously reportedthat in the US state of Louisiana, the coast guard rescued three sailors who fought off sharks with their bare hands all day after their boat sank. Two of the rescued people had wounds from shark bites on their arms, and one of them showed signs of hypothermia.

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