On May 6, in Khasavyurt, a deputy of the State Duma of Russia from United Russia, Saygidpasha Umakhanov, congratulated veteran of the Great Patriotic War Alexander Makukha on the upcoming Victory Day.

The ceremony was also attended by the Head of Khasavyurt Korgoli Korgoliev, the Secretary of the Khasavyurt city local branch of the United Russia party Khadzhimurad Umakhanov, deputies of the People’s Assembly of the Republic of Dagestan and the city assembly, representatives of the Khasavyurt mayor’s office, public organizations, etc.

Columns of youth soldiers, cadets of the DOSAAF driving school, members of the Kavkaz search detachment, employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations marched to the songs of the war years along the street where the participant of the Great Patriotic War Alexander Makukha lives, and the artists of the Echo of the Mountains folk dance ensemble presented the veteran with spectacular performances and incendiary dances .

“You are the pride of our city, our republic, our country. Thank you for the Great Victory. Together with you, in 1999, we defended our city and republic from the invasion of international gangs, and now, following your example, young guys are becoming Heroes of Russia. We are grateful to you for everything and will always be by your side!” said Saigidpasha Umakhanov, congratulating the veteran on the upcoming holiday.

In 1943, Alexander Semenovich left for the defense of the Motherland. After training at a regimental school, he was at the disposal of the Volkhov Front. Then he served as part of the 4th Army on the border of Turkey and Iran until 1950. During the years of peaceful life from 1954 to 1957, he led the Khasavyurt city stadium, then for 13 years – the first city sports school, and later taught physical education lessons at a teacher training college.

“For the people of Khasavyurt, you have become a true friend, a great comrade, an example for young people and the younger generation. I wish you long life and good health!” – noted, congratulating the veteran, in turn, Korgoli Korgoliev.

The veteran was presented with various memorable gifts and a monetary reward from a deputy of the State Duma of Russia.