On May 4, the updated Board of Honor “Pride of the Rybnovsky District” was solemnly opened in Rybny based on the results of work for 2021.

18 Rybnovtsy were brought to the Board of Honor. These are representatives of education, healthcare, culture, agriculture, the railway sector, as well as eight organizations.

The head of the administration of the Rybnovsky district, Alexander Kotyagin, thanked the people of Rybnovsky for their fruitful work. He wished them happiness, health, prosperity and new successes.

“New names on the Board of Honor are not only recognition of merits. This is a recognition of the importance and necessity of your work for the residents of the area. All of you are united by love for your work and a great contribution to the development of the region and the city.

Our fellow countrymen are the “golden support” that creates the glory of the Rybnovsky district. This is that invaluable capital that not only our district, but the entire Ryazan region can rightly be proud of.

Honored employees of enterprises, institutions and organizations were awarded certificates of inclusion on the Board of Honor.