Rybny hosted the Frontline Life of Heroes festival

On May 6, in Rybny near the building of the Social and Cultural Center, a festive program “Front Life of Heroes” was held, dedicated to the 77th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

During the holiday, patriotic actions “St. George’s Ribbon”, “White Flocks of Letters” and “People’s Victory” were held.

Pupils of the Rybnov school N 4 told the guests about the hero cities and great commanders depicted on the stands.

Master classes “Dove of Peace” and “Postcard to a Veteran” were organized for children.

Employees of the Rybnovsky Museum of Local Lore offered to decode the encrypted names of the streets of the city, villages and villages of the region and find them on the map. And the military personnel of military unit N 98531 – to practice assembling and disassembling the machine gun. A medical unit was set up in military tents, where bandages were made for those who wished.

The holiday continued with a solemn meeting in the assembly hall of the SCC. After it, the audience was shown a theatrical concert “Let generations remember”.