Roads, construction and housing and communal services: an open report of ministries and departments is being held in Ryazan, which is supervised by Deputy Chairman Yevgeny Belenetsky

On May 12, in Ryazan, at the “Boiling Point”, a public report of the ministries and departments of the economic block is being held. It is supervised by Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Ryazan Region Evgeny Belenetsky.

Recall that public reports of regional authorities to residents of the Ryazan region have been held since 2019. This is the fourth such report this year.

Minister of the Construction Complex Vyacheslav Menshov, Minister of the Fuel and Energy Complex and Housing and Public Utilities Dmitry Ustinov, Minister of Transport and Highways Vadim Reshetnik, Head of the Main Department of Architecture and Urban Planning Roman Shashkin talk about the results of work for 2021.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Ryazan Region Evgeny Belenetskyopening the meeting, addressed the audience and ministers:

“Our block is capacious and interesting. Here we have energy, roads, transport, public utilities, and construction. I would like to ask that our meeting become an open constructive dialogue. There are problems, we need to find solutions.”

Then the deputy chairman gave the floor to the speakers. The meeting is held according to an already proven plan: first, the head of the ministry reports on the work over the past year, then answers questions from the audience, social networks and video questions. The report is being broadcast live, the TV broadcast is on social networks.

View the report, leave a comment and vote for your favorite report you can in the group “Ryazan region” “VKontakte”.

By the way

Three previous reports were viewed by about 170 thousand people. Under each report, residents left comments, now there are more than 300 of them. Many of them were answered during the report, while the authorities answer some questions later. The number of people who took part in the voting on the results of the reports is more than 8 thousand people. The leadership in the rating remains with the Ministry of Natural Resources. The second place is shared by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Digital Development.

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