Ryazan artist Vitaly Petrushov held a master class for the Chuchkovites

On May 12, Vitaly Petrushov visited the Chuchkovsky district to visit schoolchildren from the village of Pertovo. He is a well-known Ryazan painter in creative circles, a member of the Union of Artists of Russia.

The Chuchkovites know their fellow countryman, a native of the village of Melkhovo, by his work. Vitaly Petrushov is attracted by the themes of abandoned villages and simple village life; landscapes and still lifes.

This was told by admirers of Petrushov’s talent at the meeting. And he is also known as a poet, prose writer and a person who is fond of classical dance.

Perth school teacher Flyura Barievna:

“Creative in all respects, Vitaly Petrushov is loved in his small homeland and welcomed with pleasure.”

Fans of Vitaly Petrushov’s work gathered in one of the school auditoriums. On this day, residents of different settlements of the region came here. They received recommendations, practical lessons and just talked to a talented artist. Guests from Unkosov and Chuchkov arrived to meet him.

Before starting the practical lesson, Petrushov reminded everyone about his life path. He told how he began to paint pictures; what prompted you to write; what was the path to success and recognition.

“During my travels around the world, I gained some experience in painting. Literature in my life appeared later,” said the master.

After that, the artist held a master class on painting a landscape. It lasted three hours.

As a result, the artist presented the painted picture to the Perth School. He also gave 3 landscapes to friends from Unkosovo.

By the way

These days, the paintings of Vitaly Petrushov, along with the works of other Ryazan artists, participate in the international art project “World of Art”. It takes place in the western wing of the new Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.

The project presents 3 expositions “Realism”, “Avant-garde”, “Abstraction”. Vitaly Petrushov shows non-traditional for him avant-garde works on the theme of the theater.