Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could provoke the spread of nuclear weapons in the world among countries with autocratic regimes. This was stated by the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin at a security forum in Canada, reports CNN.

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Austin reaffirmed NATO’s readiness to help Ukraine and warned of the possibility of nuclear proliferation.

He compared the Russian invasion to a “preview” of what the world could be like if tyranny prevailed.

“The Russian invasion offers a preview of a possible world of tyranny and unrest where none of us want to live, and it’s an invitation to an increasingly insecure world that is shadowed by nuclear proliferation,” Austin said.

He explained that the actions of the Russian dictator Vladimir Putinwho threatens all nuclear weapons, other dictators may be tempted to acquire such weapons.

“Putin’s friends the autocrats are watching. And they might well conclude that getting a nuclear weapon would give them a personal license to hunt. And that could set off a dangerous nuclear proliferation spiral,” the Pentagon chief warned.

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Natalia Medvedeva

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