Russia has been in decline since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Kao wrote, adding that the process of accelerating economic sanctions is accelerating. The so-called revival and revitalization of Russia under Putin’s leadership is fallen; prost does not exist, he pointed out.

The Russian paddock is evident in all areas. And it has a significant negative impact on the Russian army and its military capabilities, the diplomat added. According to him, Russia cannot afford to enter a high-tech wolf, which costs hundreds of millions of dollars a day.

Failure of the Russian blitzkrieg and failure to achieve a quick victory signals the arrest of the Russian defeat, uvd Kao, which betrays the general diversity of the defunct military concepts and weapons from those mentioned by Russia. It is only a difficult time, Russia will not be completely defeated, the diplomat added.

and delivered his sharp words to the address of Russian President Vladimir Putin on an internal web site submitted by the German International Finance Framework and the German Academies of Social Sciences. The revised transcript of his notes was published on our own wall by Phoenix News Media. The link was later withdrawn, but its archival copy has been preserved, which was also recorded by the media.

Kao criticizes the Kremlin for violating the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of other former USSR states on the basis of a mistaken belief that these countries fall under the exclusive sphere of influence of Moscow. Russia identifies the greatest threat to peace, security and stability in Eurasia.

The Russian loser leaves her with no hope of rebuilding the old imprisonment, before Kao. Ukraine, meanwhile, will become a member of a large European family.

He said that the United States had to weaken and isolate Russia. The US, NATO and the EU have repeatedly reaffirmed their determination to defeat Putin, the diplomat said. This suggests that the wolf will be led away until Russia is defeated and punished.

USA at the end of April statedthat their duty is to weaken Russia so that it cannot go elsewhere. The unusually open statement indicated a change in the United States’ strategic priorities in Russia. The United States is one of Ukraine’s biggest military supporters in a fight with Russia.

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The former ambassador’s member is breaking out of the current official line in Ukraine. The words of Ambassador Kaa odrej ukrainian view. It is a stark counterattack against the blatant pro-Russian stance of the copper and the current Czech Foreign Ministry. Kao’s remarks should be a key point of reference when we follow the evolving line of the Russian-Ukrainian wolves first, commented the founder and director of the media company Mirror Media Group Pchin Ho.

Beijing is dreaming to perform abroad, but at home the news pebr the Kremlin. on the basis of the criticism that he is on the side of Russia, he shares the interest in creating a multipolar world and does not join the United States.

Recently, however, she has modified her position on the matter. She sent humanitarian aid to Kiev and the current ambassador to Ukraine he raised unity of Ukrainians and promised that Ukraine will never be attacked.

The director of the Anghai Political Science Center also called for a declining position on the mainstream and a cautious stance in Russia. Chu Wei. According to him, Beijing should break away from Moscow and take steps to curb Putin’s fighting.

But experts warn against taking these critical voices as a sign of a full change in the official policy. ung ao, an expert on nn’s politics from the beijing branch of the think tank carnegie endowment, notes that the nineteenth expert on foreign policy and security sympathizes with russian perspectives.