Russians who survived a plane crash in Afghanistan have returned to Moscow. What did the pilot say about the million dollars on board?

Four citizens Russiawho were on board the crashed Afghanistan business jet Falcon 10, are back to my homeland. The plane with the surviving pilots and two medics took off from Dubai and landed at Moscow Vnukovo airport on the morning of Friday, January 26.

In the airport terminal, pilot Arkady Grachev and paramedic Igor Syvorotkin given first interview. In particular, they talked about how they survived the first 24 hours after the crash.

We spent 1.5 days in the cold (…) it got to the point where we had to burn our laces and warm ourselves up, then the doctors started pulling us out. Again warming events, the night lasted. Then, of course, the Afghan brothers came for us. We were taken out from a height of four thousand meters through deep snow, everyone fell through. (…) We walked to the village for about five hours

Arkady Grachev


Pilot responded to reports of $1 million on board plane

Arkady Grachev denied information that there was about 1.2 million dollars (about 106 million rubles) on the plane.

“No, there was no money there, it was personal money. It’s just a little specific to the Afghan people – that they came to help, they had to be thanked somehow. We gave them some small money,” the pilot said.

Pilot Arkady Grachev (left)
Photo: Sergey Bobylev / TASS

About the large sum of money on board the Falcon 10 wrote edition of Hasht e Subh. According to him, more than a million dollars were allegedly stolen from the plane after it crashed. The first to arrive at the crashed plane was a group of people previously associated with the chief of staff of the armed forces Taliban (The Taliban is a terrorist organization banned in Russia) Kari Fasihuddin Fitrat.

The Taliban governor in Badakhshan, Muhammad Ayub Khalid, upon learning of the incident, appointed a commission to investigate the robbery. It is led by the head of Taliban intelligence in this province.

The doctor told how he asked for help in a local village

According to Igor Syvorotkin, after the Falcon 10 crash, the Russians who survived the plane crash collected all the necessary things and arranged a place for themselves on the plane so as not to freeze. The paramedic spent the first night with them inside the aircraft, and in the morning he went to look for help.

Medic Igor Syvorotkin
Photo: Sergey Bobylev / TASS

He said that when he reached a nearby village, he began using gestures to explain to the local residents what had happened to him and his comrades. “Then a man came who spoke some English. We had already reached an agreement with him and they gave me a satellite phone, from which I called our administrators and told them about the situation,” Syvorotkin explained.

Arkady Grachev addedthat the people of Afghanistan perceived the crew members as brothers. “There were no indifferent people in the village,” he added.

According to the pilot, when he and other crew members were in the hospital, delegations came to them every five minutes and inquired about their health.

The pilots named the possible cause of the Falcon 10 crash

Arkady Grachev reportedthat the plane crashed due to technical problems. He emphasized that the board did not fall; the crew managed to land it on the peak of the mountain. The pilot added that he, along with the other survivors, was summoned to the prosecutor’s office to give an explanation.

Another surviving pilot Dmitry Belyakov said that the cause of the crash was “apparently a fuel problem.”

“This is the presence of ice, which disrupted the flow from the main tanks to the supply tanks,” noted he emphasized that the crew took measures for an emergency landing of the plane until the last minutes before the crash.

Wherein Investigative Committee of Russia is considering engine failure as a priority version of the Falcon 10 crash in Afghanistan. Investigators are currently conducting searches and seizing relevant documents.

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