Russians were warned about changes in the cost of housing and communal services in 2024

Associate Professor of the Basic Department of Financial Control, Analysis and Audit of the Main Control Directorate of the City of Moscow REU named after. G. V. Plekhanov Dmitry Osyanin in an interview with the Prime agency warned Russians on changes in the cost of housing and communal services (HCS) in 2024.

He recalled that the authorities approved the maximum increase in tariffs for 2024-2028 by region, on average it is 9.8-11 percent annually. In some regions, deviations from this indicator can be up to two percentage points, depending on the regional infrastructure.

Osyanin noted that on average a Russian family spends about 5,290 rubles per month on housing and communal services in an apartment building. “Thus, as a result of an increase in average indexes, bills for housing and communal services will increase on average across the country by 10-11 percent or by 520-580 rubles,” the expert explained.

The associate professor said that the essence of the government order is to control the level of inflation and ensure the availability of public services for the population. He concluded that the authorities are striving to curb the growth of tariffs to ensure economic stability in the country.

Previously Russian Government approved indices of changes in the amount of fees for housing and communal services by region, as well as maximum permissible deviations from these values ​​for individual municipalities for 2024-2028. It is noted that this tool will protect consumers from unreasonable changes in utility bills.

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