Russians were warned about a new method of fraud when buying cars

IN Russia a new method of deception when buying a car has acquired “cosmic proportions.” Car selection expert and author of the YouTube channel AvtoRevizorro Kirill Chernov warned about this, his words leads Autonews.

The number of scammers who offer to bring a car to order is now about a quarter of all advertisements on the network. Most often, they attract potential victims with low prices. The attackers offer drivers to make an advance payment of five to ten percent, but in the process this amount can rapidly increase, allegedly to resolve issues with customs or due to other expenses.

“A recent example: BMW X5 2023, price – five million rubles. Well, the question should immediately arise, how can this be when in Germany and USA this car now costs more than 100 thousand euros. That is, for the client this is the first signal to think seriously,” Chernov explained.

Good design of advertisements and a detailed description of the product helps scammers earn the trust of citizens. The interested driver is sent a set of documents and a video of the vehicle inspection.

From the beginning of 2023 in Russia jumped up sales of used cars. From January to October, 5,584,433 used cars were sold (up 26 percent year on year). At the same time, over the last month the number of vehicles sold increased to 579,233 units (plus 18 percent). Sales volumes of foreign cars amounted to 411,336 units (plus 15 percent), and domestic cars – 167,897 (plus 25 percent).

Russian dealers collided with difficulties in selling expensive models from Korean and European concerns that have ceased operations in the country. The reason was an increase in prices for foreign cars, in particular, for the 2022 Kia Cerato and Kia Seltos, the Taos and Tiguan of the German Volkswagen in various configurations, as well as the Kodiaq and Karoq of the Czech Skoda. Car dealerships have been trying to sell cars for many months, but so far without success.

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