Russians were shown ways to get rid of dangerous household mold

Due to mold that has developed in a house or apartment, a person may experience shortness of breath, itching, nasal congestion and other unpleasant symptoms, warned Linar Yarullov, a therapist at the SberZdorovye medical company. He pointed out ways to get rid of dangerous household mold to Russians in a commentary for

The ideal conditions for mold growth are humidity and darkness, the doctor said. According to him, fungi grow on walls and ceilings, on wood and textiles, and can appear in any room, but mold is especially common in the bathroom.

Mold toxins can cause shortness of breath and fever in people with allergies or asthma, which in extreme cases will require medical attention. If mold is not eliminated, there is a high risk of exacerbation of chronic diseases, as well as the development of fungal infections – from damage to the respiratory tract to toxic damage to the gastrointestinal tract

Linar Yarullov

The first step in mold control is eliminating the source of moisture, Yarullov said. To do this, he said, it is necessary to regularly ventilate the premises and clean them. If the mold has taken over a large surface or attempts to remove it on your own do not bring results, you will need special products based on chlorine, acids, and potassium permanganate. In especially severe cases, you should consult a specialist so as not to harm yourself with toxic agents, the doctor concluded.

Previously flower growers called plants to combat mold and dampness in the bathroom. They advised placing bamboo and dracaena in damp rooms.

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