Russians were named ways to cope with anxiety

The first and most important step in the fight against anxiety is accepting the problem, said psychotherapist Tatyana Melech. In a commentary for, she named ways for Russians to cope with this unpleasant feeling.

According to the therapist, understanding that an anxiety attack is starting helps make it less frightening. To relieve tension, find a quiet place and take slow, deep breaths. “Inhale for a count of four, hold your breath, and then exhale slowly. Deep breathing sends a signal to the brain to calm down,” she commented.

Also,’s interlocutor noted that a healthy lifestyle helps in the fight against anxiety, for example, limiting the consumption of caffeine and sugar and replacing them with herbal teas and fruits.

Adequate sleep, a balanced diet, avoiding alcohol and exercise can also help manage anxiety. This doesn’t mean you have to be perfect, but small, consistent, even small changes can lead to big results.

Tatiana Melech


Due to professional circumstances, many people must always be in touch, and such a lifestyle complicates and overloads the psyche, Melech continued. In this case, setting clear boundaries, such as setting working hours or limiting the time spent on social networks, can give the mind a break, she says.

Another key to managing anxiety is changing your mindset. You need to stop focusing on negative thoughts and concentrate on the positive aspects of life, the psychotherapist urged. “Setting priorities will help you avoid information or task overload. It’s better to divide things into important and not so important and focus on the main thing, without letting anxiety take over you. At the same time, if anxiety seems uncontrollable, then it is better to seek professional help,” the specialist concluded.

Formerly psychotherapist Caroline Rubenstein called a common habit that is a sign of mental disorders. She turned out to be excessively talkative.

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