Russians were forced to start giving up cigarettes

Russian smokers began to buy cigarillos more often – in the third quarter of 2023, sales increased by 105.7 percent in volume terms. This is evidenced by the results of a study by the “Center for the Development of Advanced Technologies” (CRPT, operator of the “Honest Sign” labeling system) and the National Scientific Center for Competence in the Field of Combating Illegal Trafficking in Industrial Products (NNSC), transmits RBC.

Moreover, the dynamics of demand for other tobacco products turned out to be more modest. During this period, sales of cigarettes and cigarettes increased by 4.1 percent, and hookah tobacco sales by 6.2 percent.

Russians were forced to start switching from traditional cigarettes to cigarillos due to rising prices. Over the past three months, price increases have been recorded in all categories, including nicotine-containing products, except for this type of product: cigarettes and cigarettes rose in price by 10.1 percent in annual terms, and hookah tobacco by 6.2 percent. The average cost of a package of cigarettes and cigarettes was 168 and 211 rubles, respectively, and hookah tobacco – 204 rubles. At the same time, cigarillos fell in price by 13.5 percent – to an average of 260 rubles per pack.

Experts note that cigarillos are more natural in composition than cigarettes, since the cover sheet is reconstituted tobacco rather than cigarette paper. Due to fewer impurities, cigarillos are considered less harmful. According to Fedotov Group, the most popular brands include Capitan Black from the Scandinavian Tobacco Group, Corsar of the queen from the Pogar tobacco factory and Handelsgold from the German Arnold Andre. Most in Russia smoke in Magadan regionthey are following her Kamchatka Krai And Sakhalin region.

In 2022, the Magadan region will also turned out to be the most smoking region in the country. Over the year, 132.7 thousand packs of tobacco products were sold there per thousand people.

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