Russians were asked to be angry and irritated “for the whole yard”

VKontakte, together with the Anton Is Here Foundation and the Dvor project, launched the “For the Whole Yard” initiative – users of the social network were offered a chat bot that will help cope with irritation and anger. This was reported in a press release received by the editors of

You can write to the bot about your emotions and get support: anonymously publish messages in a special space, and also see the statements of other people. The option is available in the official community of the “Yard” project, where useful materials on the topic of anger and irritation will also be published throughout the month.

“Every person may experience anger or irritation throughout his life – and this is normal. What matters is how people express these feelings and how they manage them. If you keep them to yourself and don’t give them a way out, they can spill out unexpectedly, hurt another person or develop into aggression,” noted Ekaterina Kochneva, head of charity projects at VKontakte.

The “Entire Yard” project became part of the Day against Cyberbullying, VK’s annual information campaign dedicated to the fight against bullying online and beyond. Its goal is to help those who have experienced bullying, witnessed it, or been an aggressor. In 2023, the event will be held for the fifth time.

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