Russians warned about the dangers of cereals beloved by millions

Semolina consists of 70 percent starch, so it does not benefit the body, warned endocrinologist Dilyara Lebedeva. Doctor on Telegram channel listed and other cereals loved by millions of Russians that can harm the body.

Semolina is finely ground wheat containing a huge amount of starch, the endocrinologist warned. It can provoke a jump in sugar levels in the body, while the pancreas will receive additional stress, starting to produce insulin in large quantities.

Corn grits, according to Lebedeva, are also harmful because they significantly increase blood sugar, since they themselves contain a large amount of glucose. The doctor warned that lovers of corn porridge risk gaining excess weight.

Instant oatmeal, in turn, contains almost no nutrients, the doctor continued. There is no fiber in it either, she clarified. Such porridge increases the risk of developing diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and excess weight gain, the endocrinologist concluded.

Previously Lebedeva called the main mistake of people losing weight. Among other things, she pointed to disturbances in sleep and eating patterns.

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