Russians warned about the dangers of Black Friday

Phishing scammers will become one of the main dangers for Russians on the eve of Black Friday. The director of information security (IS) of the League of Digital Economy warned the residents of the country about this in a conversation with Denis Kovalev.

“The most common scheme will be phishing: scammers send fake emails or messages announcing supposed promotions or discounts. They contain links to fake websites where scammers will ask the victim to leave credit card numbers, passwords or login information,” the expert noted.

The goal of scammers who use this scheme is to gain access to user accounts and steal money. The most frequently counterfeited sites are online shopping sites. You should also be wary of competitions held on social networks and instant messengers, the organizers of which promise big winnings.

“You should always check the authenticity of websites and messages, especially if they offer too good discounts or promotions. Also, you should not provide personal data or financial information through unreliable or suspicious communication channels,” Kovalev advised.

He also recommended always checking the official websites of companies on whose behalf sweepstakes are held or discounts are promised. When submitting personal data through forms on the Internet, it is a good idea to check whether the resource has a valid SSL security certificate (there should be a padlock in front of the URL in the address bar, and it should begin with the combination “https” and not “http”), the expert concluded.

Previously, the Russians called a way to recognize scammers during sales. According to the expert, scammers still most often resort to schemes using social engineering. In addition, attackers create phishing sites.

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