Russians warned about the dangers of a warm autumn

Warm weather in autumn brings with it a number of dangers, a doctor-expert from the Gemotest laboratory warned Russians. Roman Ivanov in conversation with “Izvestia”.

The doctor emphasized that any autumn is a difficult transition period, during which the length of daylight hours is greatly reduced, and the body, therefore, does not receive enough vitamin D. Its deficiency weakens the immune system, and as a result, the risk of contracting seasonal infections increases.

In addition, Ivanov noted that due to temperature fluctuations in the fall, sudden changes in atmospheric pressure can occur, provoking a deterioration in health in people with cardiovascular and neurological diseases. “Even people without chronic pathologies may experience headaches, increased fatigue, irritability, and sleep disturbances during this period,” the specialist added.

If warm and dry weather lasts for a long time, such an environment creates favorable conditions for the spread of viral infections. In warmth, pathogenic microorganisms multiply more actively, and dry air helps them enter the human body and prolongs their activity and viability in the environment – on clothing, common objects and in the air. In addition, Ivanov pointed out that in the warm autumn it becomes more difficult to dress for the weather: a person can become hypothermic, sweating due to an extra sweater under a jacket, or catch a cold, hoping that the day will be sunny.

Finally, the doctor said, fairly warm and humid weather in the fall can aggravate allergy symptoms, since rotting leaves on the street create favorable conditions for the development of mold – one of the most aggressive allergens and an extremely toxic substance that increases the load on the immune system even in people without chronic pathologies.

“Increased air humidity (it directly depends on its temperature: the colder it is outside, the drier) aggravates the situation by increasing the concentration of allergens, exhaust gases and other harmful emissions. This negatively affects the state of the immune system and respiratory tract, and also leads to a significant deterioration in the condition of people with respiratory diseases, including bronchial asthma,” the doctor concluded.

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