Russians warned about foods that cause colon cancer

Poor nutrition is a factor that triggers the development of colon cancer. About it warned oncologist Evgeny Cheremushkin in a conversation with

He noted that the greatest harm to the body comes from excessive consumption of smoked or fried meat. Also, according to him, the risk of developing cancer increases with the abuse of processed foods. “You need to add fruits and vegetables containing large amounts of fiber to your diet,” the doctor advised.

In addition to nutrition, the oncologist named other factors that cause intestinal cancer – hereditary diseases, bad habits, a sedentary lifestyle and chronic stress. Cheryomushkin added that usually in the early stages the tumor does not make itself felt, therefore, in order to detect it in time, he advised regularly visiting a doctor and conducting examinations.

Previously gastroenterologist, candidate of medical sciences Sergey Vyalov warnedthat due to a lack of fiber, the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract is disrupted. According to him, this can trigger a number of diseases, including several types of cancer.

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