Russians named a way to extend their vacation

If you do not include weekends and holidays in your vacation, you can officially win additional days off. This way to extend vacation was named by a professor at the Department of Psychology and Human Resource Management in a conversation with Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation Alexander Safonov.

Official vacation under Russian law is 28 days, he recalled. If the work involves dangerous or harmful activities, the organization’s management may provide additional days of rest. According to Alexander Safonov, in order to increase your vacation, you should not take it during the holidays, but rather choose dates nearby.

“They try to combine vacation planning with holidays in order to increase the number of days a person spends in relaxation. In this way, you can add a certain number of days to your vacation, for example, between May 1 and May 9. It turns out to be almost a full two-week vacation. (…) If holiday planning falls on holidays, by law you can ask for an extension of the holiday if it goes according to schedule. But again, it all depends on the employer, he can say no and move these days to another time,” he said.

However, vacation must be rescheduled if the employee falls ill during it. In this case, you will need to provide a doctor’s report to work.

If a person gets sick during vacation, upon providing a document that he was sick during this period of time, his vacation is automatically extended for the period of illness

Alexander Safonov

You can add a few more days if you do not include weekends in your vacation, on which the employee will already have a rest. The days saved in this way can be transferred to other dates and arrange another short vacation, noted Alexander Safonov.

“Don’t forget that if a person takes a vacation, weekends are not included in it. You can, for example, do it this way: go on vacation on Monday and return on Friday, and there will be an additional two days off,” he concluded.

Previously lawyer Marina Astaeva called Russians have the best months to go on vacation.

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