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Russians evacuated from Gaza said they were glad to leave “this hell”

Russians evacuated from Gaza spoke about the emotions they experienced when they were free. They thanked those who assisted in the evacuation and expressed hope for the speedy release of other Russian citizens. RIA Novosti writes about this.

On the night from Sunday to Monday, the first group of civilians was evacuated from the enclave. The people were transported to the headquarters of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, deployed in Cairo.

Evacuated Russian woman Tatyana Katba spoke about her feelings. According to her, the situation in the Gaza Strip is simply terrible – people are suffering due to lack of food and water, and there are not even enough sleeping places for everyone. She also reported a constant fear of dying under the powerful blows of the Israeli army, which attacks the enclave almost without interruption.

“We very much thank our ambassador (Russia to Egypt Georgy Borisenko – ed.) and President Vladimir Putin for helping us get out of this hell. Of course, we are relieved, we already feel good and easy,” she emphasized.

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Health spoke about the participation of Russians in the evacuation of Gaza. More about this read the material Public News Service.

Message Russians evacuated from Gaza said they were glad to leave “this hell” appeared first on Public news service.

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