The occupiers share plans to escape in order to survive.

The Russians are deceiving

The Russian military command deceives mobilized into infantry units, intercepts of their telephone conversations testify.

Mobilized from the 1st Army Corps, in a conversation intercepted by Ukrainian intelligence with a friend, he complained that he wanted to transfer from his unit, and described how he and his colleagues were thrown to the first front line.

“I say: I’ll go” to Sochi “(from” arbitrarily left the unit “- UNIAN), if they treat it like that. You see, from uk * ops to sit 120 meters away. Once they put it there. I spent two weeks, then they made a rotation, six days sat on the house – they put it in again, even closer to them already there. 120 meters were before them,” the occupier complains.

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He explains to his friend that his unit was under constant fire. The occupant accuses the commander of lying and talks about plans to escape.

“Well, I tell him:“ I won’t return, fuck you. I will be with you, everything will be fucked up, no one will sit, we will be on the second line, because we are the ROP. “And we abruptly turned into infantry with the ROP. Fuck it,” says the Russian .

Mobilization in Russia

September 21 Russian dictator Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization in Russia. A month later, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported on the results of its implementation.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that 82,000 people called up as part of partial mobilization have already been sent to the front. Another 218,000 allegedly come in training. According to media estimates, Russia actually collected at least 492 thousand mobilized.

According to experts, the capacities of Russian training grounds do not allow training more than 90,000 people in a short time. Because in Russia in December-January there will be a new wave of mobilization, which will no longer be partial, but general.

Mobilized Russians go to the front, without adequate security. Moreover, as evidenced by the intercepts, they do not receive the promised cash payments.

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