Russians began to prefer comfort to career

Over the past five years, the priorities of Russians at work have changed greatly – previously, the most important thing for workers was professional development and career, diverse and interesting tasks, but now comfortable working conditions have come to the fore. This is evidenced by the results of a survey by Get Experts (formerly Hays), write “Vedomosti”.

Currently, the majority of Russians dream of working from home (59 percent), many value flexible schedules (49 percent) and want to structure their work week to maintain a balance between work and personal life (41 percent). Some 72 percent of employers indicated that their employees have become more willing to successfully balance their careers and lives outside of work over the past year. To motivate staff, 80 percent of companies are implementing a hybrid or remote work format.

However, employees also think about opportunities for career growth and professional development, but only in 37 and 34 percent of cases, respectively. The desire to be realized more often appears when the company has a well-organized labor system, and Russia this is still a rarity, notes the executive director of the consulting company PeoplePeople Victoria Petrova.

Comfortable working conditions also include a reduction in the working week, which has been gradually introduced in Western countries, while in Russia the reform is still being discussed. A survey was recently conducted, according to which the majority of Russians support reduction of working hours on Fridays by one hour. A total of 61 percent of respondents were in favor of reducing the length of the working week from 40 to 39 hours.

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