Russian woman bit a policewoman who got into her panties

Ishim City Court sentenced a resident Tyumen region Tatyana Shvakova, who bit a police officer who was trying to get drugs hidden there from her panties. This was reported to by the joint press service of the region’s judicial system.

The woman was found guilty of using violence not dangerous to life or health against a government official in connection with the performance of his official duties. The court sentenced her to one and a half years of suspended imprisonment, with a probationary period of two years.

From the case materials it follows that on June 16, Shvakova was taken to the police department. During the search, a package with a narcotic substance was found in her underpants. When trying to get it, the detainee prevented this in every possible way, crouched and dodged, resisted, and then bit the policewoman on the right shoulder, which caused her physical pain and bodily harm.

At the trial, Shvakova admitted guilt and repented of her crime. She apologized to the police captain who was bitten.

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