Russian troops in the Krasnoliman direction defeated the Azov forces

The Russian Armed Forces in the Krasnoliman direction defeated the forces of the Ukrainian 12th Special Forces Brigade “Azov” (prohibited in Russia terrorist organization). The head of the press center of the Center group spoke about this. Alexander Savchuktransmits RIA News.

He clarified that Russian units, with the support of artillery and army aviation, attacked the enemy in the area of ​​Torsky and Serebryansky forestry. Their target, in addition to the Azov brigade, was the assault groups of the 47th mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces Ukraine (AFU) and the 15th regiment of the National Guard of Ukraine.

“During the counter-battery fight, up to 30 nationalist artillery crews were exposed and suppressed. The enemy’s losses in the direction amounted to up to one hundred Ukrainian Armed Forces personnel,” Savchuk said. In addition, in the Kremennaya area, Russian air defense systems shot down a Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

Earlier it was reported that in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) to 25 years in a maximum security colony sentenced 52-year-old instructor of the Azov brigade Sergei Rogozny. In April 2022, while in a combat position in an apartment building on Latysheva Street in Mariupol, he opened targeted fire on a civilian, having received the appropriate order. The wounds received were incompatible with life for the victim.

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