Russian teenager accused of knowingly making a false report about an act of terrorism

Investigators opened a criminal case against a 17-year-old resident Ulyanovsk region, accused of knowingly falsely reporting an act of terrorism. The regional department reported this to Investigative Committee (IC) of Russia.

The young man is charged with Part 3 of Article 207 (“Knowingly false report of an act of terrorism”) of the Criminal Code RF. His illegal activities were stopped by employees of the Investigative Committee together with colleagues from the police and FSB.

According to investigators, the teenager distributed a message on the Internet about preparations for carrying out illegal actions in the city of Dimitrovgrad. Ulyanovsk areas. No other details were provided. The defendant is currently placed under house arrest.

Previously resident Kurgan sentenced to three years in a maximum security colony for falsely reporting an impending explosion in a kindergarten.

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