Russian scooter riders hit a child and provoked the initiation of a case

IN Krasnodar Investigators opened a criminal case after a one-year-old child was injured. The regional department reported this to Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR).

Upon the fact of the incident, a case was opened under Part 1 of Article 238 (“Provision of a service of inadequate quality that does not meet the safety and health requirements of consumers”) of the Criminal Code RF. Now law enforcement officers are questioning eyewitnesses and looking for teenagers who fled the crime scene.

On November 18, two girls riding on the same electric scooter crashed into the stroller in which a boy born in 2022 was sitting. According to investigators, both of them are minors. Immediately after the incident, the child’s mother called an ambulance. He was hospitalized with soft tissue bruises. At the same time, nothing threatens the boy’s life and health.

The moment of the collision was caught on video published by Telegram-channel “Typical Krasnodar”. The footage shows how a mother with a stroller approaches the crossing when a scooter, on which two girls are riding, crashes into the stroller.

Previously police officers detained teenager who hit a five-year-old child in Moscow on a scooter.

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