Russian schoolboy beaten for money staged his own robbery

A sixth-grader who was beaten for change from buying bread staged his own robbery so he could keep the money for himself. About it told in the Telegram channel publication.

The police, who were contacted by the boy’s parents, looked at the recordings from CCTV cameras. The footage shows the child hitting himself on the way home. Arriving home, the student lied to his parents that he was robbed and his money was taken.

About the beating in Pyt-Yakhe Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug (KhMAO – Yugra) 12-year-old boy reported on Friday, November 17th. Then his brother said that the schoolboy was attacked by three strangers and demanded to give them money, but the child refused. After that, they allegedly took the boy behind the school, where they severely beat him. He was hospitalized with numerous hematomas and a concussion.

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