Russian ninth-grader inhaled deodorant and ended up in intensive care

Under Tver A ninth-grader inhaled deodorant and ended up in intensive care. This became known Telegram-Shot channel.

IN Konakovo A 16-year-old teenager was returning home and decided to breathe in a hygiene product in the entrance. At some point, the Russian lost consciousness.

The doctors were unable to save the student. Police officers in the Tver region began an investigation into the incident. It was possible to find out that the young man was registered with the juvenile affairs unit and had been convicted of theft.

Previously reportedwhat in Saratov region seven schoolchildren were poisoned by vaping liquid. Then one of the teenagers broke a bottle of e-cigarette liquid, and classmates standing nearby inhaled the vapor.

Before this, in Petropavlovka-Kamchatsky, a schoolboy smoked vaped in the toilet of an educational institution, after which he began to have a seizure.

In April, the Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law banning the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors.

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