Russian motorists were warned about a new fine from December 1

From December 1st for employees State traffic inspectors It will be possible to fine Russians for driving on summer tires. As lawyer Tatevik Chuguryan told, this is provided for, which came into force on September 1, 2023 resolution government. It prohibits driving on summer tires in winter and winter tires in summer. The fine for violation will be 500 rubles, the lawyer warned.

Article 12.5 of the Code of Administrative Offenses (CAO) does not contain a direct indication of the obligation of car owners to change tires, noted Chuguryan. However, new – more specific – requirements for car owners secured in the Basic Provisions for the admission of vehicles to operation and the responsibilities of officials to ensure road safety, she explained.

In the previous edition of the document, the list of wheel and tire faults included non-compliance parameters such as wear, tire size, and so on. Now, paragraph 5 of the resolution has included the maximum specificity for the driver. Thus, the installation of tires with anti-skid spikes used in the summer (June, July, August), as well as the failure to install winter tires in the winter (December, January, February) is considered a malfunction.

Tatevik Chuguryan


Thus, driving on out-of-season tires is legally equivalent to driving a faulty vehicle, Chuguryan concluded.

However, during cold months, winter tires or tires with anti-skid studs must be installed on all wheels. Failure to comply with this requirement is also a violation and will be punishable by a fine, she warned drivers who prefer to install winter tires only on the drive axle.

Previously in State Duma wanted fine Russians for driving while under the influence of drugs. According to the authors of the legislative initiative, the list of drugs prohibited for drivers may include anesthetics, antiepileptic drugs, sleeping pills and sedatives.

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