Russian military near Artemovsk destroyed several strongholds of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Russian paratroopers destroyed several strongholds of the Armed Forces Ukraine (APU) in the area of ​​Artemovsk (the Ukrainian name of the city of Bakhmut) in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), this was reported in Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federationwrites TASS.

As the department clarified, reconnaissance using a drone detected camouflaged enemy strongholds. Then the exact coordinates were transmitted to the anti-aircraft gunners. “They immediately moved to the firing line to destroy targets based on the reconnaissance received. The servicemen targeted the installations and with rapid fire destroyed the camouflaged support units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces,” the Ministry of Defense emphasized. The fire came from ZPU-4 and S-60 anti-aircraft guns.

Previously became knownthat the Ukrainian Armed Forces have deployed up to a hundred mobilized police officers near Artemovsk. Artemovsk moved under control Russia On May 20, the fighting for the city lasted 224 days.

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