Russian drones have learned to automatically recognize Ukrainian and NATO equipment

Russian Orlan drones were equipped with a neural network, thanks to which they learned to automatically recognize equipment of the Armed Forces Ukraine (APU) and NATO during reconnaissance operations in the Northern Military District zone. This is reported by RIA News with reference to an informed source.

“The neural network allows UAVs to automatically identify Ukrainian military equipment during reconnaissance flights, including Western-made models,” confirmed the agency’s interlocutor. According to him, drones with elements of artificial intelligence determine types of equipment with an accuracy of up to 90 percent, which is a good indicator.

The source added that the implemented system makes it possible to increase the efficiency of hitting military targets of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Previously military expert Vasily Dandykin named types of Russian equipment modernized during the Northern Military District. According to him, improving equipment and weapons in accordance with new realities and tasks at the front made it possible to reduce personnel losses and begin to conduct battles more effectively.

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