Russian doctor speaks out about lethal dose of energy drink

Stimulating the body with energy drinks is dangerous, said an endocrinologist at the Moscow State University Research and Education Center. Lomonosov, professor Zukhra Pavlova. In a conversation with, she spoke about the lethal dose of the drink.

“An energy drink is a substance that forces the human body to work at maximum capacity. When we get tired, this is a defensive reaction, so that we don’t disrupt some of our mechanisms, so that we don’t harm ourselves. When we drink energy drinks, we block it in order to continue functioning,” Pavlova said.

According to the specialist, depending on the characteristics of the person, any dose can be fatal.

“There is such a feature as an aneurysm – an aneurysm of cerebral vessels, an aortic aneurysm – this is a protrusion of the vessel wall that appears as an additional niche. And this protrusion is a weak point. If there is a little more pressure or more hormones that cause these vessels to contract or unclench, this aneurysm may rupture and the person will die,” she concluded.

Previously nutritionist, dietitian Elena Sviridova toldthat a glass of freshly squeezed citrus juice can invigorate you no less than a cup of coffee. In addition, according to the specialist, with regular consumption, the juice improves immunity and strengthens blood vessels. Because of this, blood flows better to the brain and starts its active work.

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