Russian diplomat called the crash of Il-76 a deliberate crime by Kyiv

First Deputy Permanent Chairman Russia at UN Dmitry Polyansky called the crash of the Il-76 military aircraft in Belgorod region a well-thought-out crime Kyivindicating the availability of relevant data, reports RIA News.

“All the evidence we have today indicates that we are dealing with a deliberate, calculated crime,” he said.

The diplomat emphasized that the Ukrainian authorities knew in advance about the method and route by which prisoners of war would be delivered to the exchange site.

On January 24, a Russian military transport plane Il-76 crashed a few kilometers from the village of Yablonovo. On board were six crew members, military police officers and over 60 Ukrainian prisoners of war. None of them survived.

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) refused to investigate the crash of an Il-76 in the Belgorod region, since it lacks such powers. ICAO specialists noted that the plane was military, so they do not have a mechanism or jurisdiction to investigate the incident.

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