Two Russian fighter jets approached a NATO naval unit off the coast of Poland at low altitude. According to NATO, two Russian fighter jets approached the alliance ships operating in the Baltic Sea and made a dangerous maneuver. In the incident on Thursday, the plane flew past the naval formation SNMG1 at a distance of only about 73 meters, the responsible NATO headquarters in Northwood said. The flight altitude was only 300 feet, which corresponds to about 91 meters. The pilots did not react in any way to attempts to get in touch. The incident became public with a two-day delay because “sometimes it takes time to gather the facts,” a NATO spokesman wrote. WELT.

The NATO press service added that these were Su-24 two-seat tactical bombers, which had the NATO code name Fechter (German: Fechter). The SNMG1 naval association was located less than 50 kilometers from the Polish port city of Gdansk.

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The spokeswoman did not say how the crews of the ships reacted to the approach of the aircraft and which units were involved. She added that the Russian planes were probably not armed with missiles.

According to NATO, the maneuver was particularly risky as the Russian pilots were flying in what is considered a danger zone and is currently being used by the alliance for anti-aircraft exercises. Thus, this approach should be classified as “unsafe and unprofessional” because it increases the risk of miscalculations, errors and accidents, according to the Northwood headquarters.

As reported, on November 15, two people were killed during a Russian missile attack in the village of Przewodow, Lublin Voivodeship, near the Polish-Ukrainian border. An investigation is currently ongoing to determine whose missile it was – a Russian one that aimed to attack western Ukraine, but missed, or a Ukrainian air defense missile that tried to shoot down a Russian missile. In any case, the responsibility for the tragedy and Poland, and others Western countries lay on Russia, because this situation would not have happened if the Russian Federation had not unleashed a war. Polish President Andrzej Duda suggested that this not the last timewhen a Russian missile hits Polish territory.