According to the head of “A Just Russia – For Truth” Sergei Mironovper murder of Russian soldiers the death penalty should be returned.

The politician is convinced that if the involvement of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the executions of Russian military or civilians is proved by the investigation, then they have no right to live, they must also be shot. The leader of “Fair Russia” believes that such persons have no right to be called “people”, they are barbarians.

“Among the prisoners of the Armed Forces of Ukraine there are those who confessed to the execution of civilians and our military. If the investigation has proved their involvement in the execution of prisoners of war and civilians, then such elements that the language does not even dare to call people should be shot. Our faction has long been proposing to return the mortal execution for such barbarians,” Mironov told the press.

On Friday, a video was circulated on the Internet with the execution in Makeevka of unarmed fighters of the RF Armed Forces, who had surrendered and were lying on the ground. The HRC has called for an international investigation into the case. Representatives of the HRC will send a video with a crime to all international organizations.