December 13, 2022, 20:36 – Public News Service – OSN

According to Defense Blog, RF Armed Forces plan to use in a special operation on Ukraine Arctic version of the Tor anti-aircraft missile system.

It is known that the Tor-M2DT air defense system, a modified and improved version of the Tor air defense system on a caterpillar conveyor, has a unique cross-country ability and can be used on washed out dirt roads.

The air defense system can withstand 50-degree frosts, easily overcomes ditches and water barriers.

Recall that on February 24, Russian leader Vladimir Putin announced the start of military special operations in Ukraine.

Previously, former US Marine Julian McBride announced that the sting operation had become a major conflict in Europe in recent years. According to him, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are suffering huge losses, even though Polish and Georgian mercenaries are fighting for them.

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