On July 30, the world celebrates Friendship Day. Films are made about close human relationships in every country, and even a special genre of buddy movies has appeared, which is especially popular in the United States.

Online cinema KION reached out to the cast members of their original series and asked them to share their favorite films and series about friendship. Makar Khlebnikov, Anna Snatkina, Andrey Burkovsky, Anna Kotova-Deryabina, Lukerya Ilyashenko and Daniil Vakhrushev shared their recommendations.

For the actor of the TV series AMORE MORE Andrey Burkovsky: “Friendship is the foundation of all foundations. Calling a person a “friend” is a great happiness. I’m proud that I really have a lot of real friends.”

Actor advises an early film by Nikita Mikhalkov, a gritty series about American investigators and one of the most popular films of our time.

“At home among strangers, a stranger among our own” (1974)

Exceptional film in the history of the USSR in the genre of Eastern. The civil war of the 1920s was over, and gangs of “greens” and fugitive “whites” remained in the South of the country, robbing villages and trains for food. Five former soldiers of the Red Army are preparing to transport money for the purchase of food, they expect betrayal and attack.

One’s own among strangers, a stranger among one’s own”

“1+1” (2011)

A perfect example of feel good cinema. Wealthy aristocrat Philippe Pozzo di Borgo (Francois Cluzet) became disabled after an unsuccessful paragliding flight. He chooses Driss as his assistant (Omar Sy), who does not want to work, but quietly receive unemployment benefits and live a free life. Opposites become friends.

kinopoisk.ru, 1=1

“Good Boys” (2010)

Dan Stark (Bradley Whitford) is an aged gouging detective who once earned respect for one high-profile case. A new investigator enters the service, young Jack Bailey, who strictly adheres to all the rules. If in “1 + 1” the characters harmoniously complement each other, then here the energies of the policemen mix and explode in each series.

“Good guys”

Anna Kotova-Deryabina loves the Friends series the most: “I know all the series by heart. The creators of the series managed to reveal the concept of “friendship” so voluminously, as no one had been able to before them. And after, in my opinion, so far too. This is my personal favorite.”

Actress also recommends a tragicomedy by Eldar Ryazanov and a film about people with special needs

“Friends” (1994–2004)

Anna has seen all the seasons of the sitcom, knows it by heart and believes that no one better than its creators has revealed the concept of friendship. Each episode of the series tells a different story, but the project begins like this: Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) runs away from her wedding and moves to live in Manhattan with her best friend Monica (Courten Cox).


“… And in my soul I dance” (2004)

Mike Connolly (Stephen Robertson) is 24 years old, he spent his whole life in a home for the disabled and does not know how to enjoy anything at all. This is taught to him by a new patient at the clinic, Rory O’Shay (James McAvoy), showing him the pleasures of being outside the hospital.

“… And in my soul I dance”

“Old Robbers” (1971)

Tragicomedy from the most popular Soviet director. They want to send the investigator Nikolai Sergeevich (Yuri Nikulin) into retirement in order to put their own man in his place. Nikolai refuses to leave and is given one last chance to prove himself.

Lukerya Ilyashenko from “Sergius against evil spirits” chooses modern cinema: world hits of streaming platforms, as well as one of the saddest films in the history of cinema.

Stranger Things (2016–…)

One of the main hits of Netflix, which made nostalgia for the 80s fashionable. In the city of Hawkins, Indiana, scientists are conducting experiments to study the paranormal. Of course, everything gets out of control, a company of children becomes victims and fighters with the supernatural.

kinopoisk.ru “Stranger Things”

“Hachiko: The most faithful friend” (2008)

The story of the most faithful dog that everyone knows. The real events took place in Japan in the 1930s, the creators of the American remake moved them to the present. Professor Parker Wilson (Richard Gere) lives with his Shiba Inu dog Hachiko, he accompanies his owner to the train station every day and waits for his return there. Parker dies at one of the lectures, but the dog continues to come daily to the place of their meeting.

“Hachiko: The most loyal friend”

“Sex and the City” (1998–2004)

An important women’s series that pushed the boundaries of understanding femininity. The authors showed that it is not necessary to have one permanent partner, you can discuss with friends even the most intimate details (from abortion to orgasm) and try new things in sex (and in relationships).

“Sex and the City”

Actress of the TV series “Mutual consent” Anna Snatkina chooses classics from Sergio Leone and Michael Kertitsa.

“Once Upon a Time in America” ​​(1983)

Anna prefers classics to modern cinema. Sergio Leone made a major film about the hardest and most joyful period in US history: the Great Depression (1920-1930) and the post-war wealth of the 1960s. Different decades are shown through the eyes of David Aaronson, nicknamed “Noodles” (Robert De Niro), who was born in the Jewish district of New York and became a crime boss selling homemade alcohol and opium.

“Once Upon a Time in America” ​​kinopoisk.ru

“Casablanca” (1942)

“Louis, it seems to me that this is the beginning of a great friendship” – this is how the film ends, where Hollywood stars starred. Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart) is the owner of a café in Casablanca where war refugees with money can feel safe. Rick’s principle of political laissez-faire is shattered when he meets former lover Ilsa Lund (Ingrid Bergman), who is engaged to Czech Resistance leader Viktor Laszlo (Paul Henreid).


My Mom’s Penguins Star Makar Khlebnikov Picks Up New Classics From The Coen Brothers And Guy Ritchie And A Series About Young British Losers.

“Big Lebowski» (1998)

Jeffrey Lebowski, nicknamed “The Dude”, is a loser and gouging who only knows how to drink and swear in life. Bandits come to him and demand to return the debts of his wife. Lebowski has never married, so he finds his full namesake, who turns out to be a wheelchair-bound millionaire (David Huddleston).

“The Big Lebowski”

“Sherlock Holmes” (2009)

One of the best adaptations of Arthur Conan Doyle’s novels. Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) and Watson (Jude Law) have captured Jack the Ripper, Lord Blackwood (Mark Strong). He brutally killed girls for the sake of satanic rites, so all people, even cellmates, are waiting for his death. He is executed and buried in a crypt, but Holmes is sure that the criminal escaped punishment.

“Sherlock Holmes”

“Golyak” (2019–…)

Charming British TV series about friends-losers with Joseph Gilgun (“Misfits”) in the title role. His hero Vincent lives in a van on the outskirts of a provincial town, he quietly sells marijuana and commits petty robberies with his comrades, constantly getting into stupid situations.


Daniil Vakhrushev from future series “One Life” prefers a masculine movie about male friendship

“Rag Union” (2014)

After school, Vanya (Vasily Butkevich) did not find a normal job and got a job working as a walking advertisement for a funeral agency. Everything changes when he meets three gouges who promise him to change his life. The training fee is a free stay at Vanya’s dacha.

“Rag Union”

“Knockin’ on Heaven” (1997)

Two strangers Martin Brest (Til Schweiger) and Rudi Wurlitzer (Jan Josef Liefers) are diagnosed with incurable cancerous tumors. They meet in the same room, have a drink, and Rudy confesses that he has never seen the sea. Martin offers to fulfill his dream, and they escape from the clinic.

“Knockin ‘on Heaven”

“Boomer” (2003)

A cult film for Russia about the criminal life in Russia after the “dashing 90s”. After another armed conflict, four bandits try to escape from the chase, turn off their mobile phones, get into a stolen BMW, but with each kilometer traveled, their chances of survival decrease.