Russia triples chocolate supplies to one country

At the end of 2023, Russian chocolate exports to China will exceed 33 thousand tons, which is three times more than last year’s 11 thousand, told “Izvestia” in the Association of Confectionery Industry Enterprises “ASKOND”.

Experts called the country’s market one of the most attractive for supplies from RF confectionery products, recognizing that such a rapid growth of the indicator is explained, among other things, by the low base effect of 2022.

Previously became known about the growth of supplies to China of another type of domestic product. In 2023, the country purchased 31 percent more (23.6 thousand tons) of live crabs from Russia.

In general, trade turnover between Russia and China based on the results of 2023 has reached a record high of $240.11 billion. At the same time, countries have almost completely abandoned the use of the dollar, having increased the share of national currencies in bilateral settlements to more than 90 percent.

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