Russia spoke out about prolongation of the Ukrainian conflict for decades

The Ukrainian conflict should not drag on for decades, the deputy chairman of the committee believes State Duma on defense Yuri Shvytkin. In a conversation with, he spoke about the duration of the Russian special military operation (SVO), as well as the conditions for its completion.

In my opinion, this conflict is unacceptable for 10-15 years or decades. But once again I want to note that everything must proceed from the fulfillment of the requirements that our country has put forward

Yuri Shvytkin

State Duma deputy

According to the deputy, Moscow should not adapt to the interests of the Armed Forces Ukraine (APU).

“I don’t think it can drag on for decades. At the same time, we should not follow the path of freezing this conflict. Here there must be strict compliance on the part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the demands that our country puts forward within the framework of the tasks set by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief,” says the parliamentarian.

Ukraine’s allies can influence Kyivin order to end hostilities as quickly as possible, Shvytkin believes.

“At the same time, Western countries must understand and realize the futility of conducting military operations on the part of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and force the Ukrainian authorities to sit down at the negotiating table and fulfill our demands. And, of course, Western countries must draw appropriate conclusions in order to fulfill the demands that our country put forward even before the start of this conflict in order to ensure European security and security in general,” he concluded.

How stated Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Mikhail Podolyak, Kyiv is unlikely to be able to resist Moscow in the long term. He noted that Russia continues to spend huge amounts of money on military operations. “Do we have any chance of surviving in a historical perspective of 10 or 15 years?” he asked.

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