Russia spoke about the significance of the meeting between Biden and Xi Jinping

Russia will follow the President’s meeting USA Joe Biden and chairman China Xi Jinping, like any other important political event. This is how the First Deputy Chairman spoke about the importance of negotiations between state leaders in a conversation with State Duma Committee on International Affairs Dmitry Novikov.

“Everything that happens in big, global, world politics matters for the entire system of international relations. Russia is part of this system and takes an active position on international policy issues. Both the American, European and Chinese directions for our international relations are extremely important, so in Russia experts and professionals who deal with international relations will closely monitor this meeting,” he said.

According to the deputy, the dialogue between politicians will take place in a rather difficult situation in US-Chinese relations.

One meeting cannot predetermine a radical change in relations between the United States and China, but the overall dynamics in one direction or another can be adjusted. In this regard, this meeting is interesting, important, and in this regard it will be closely followed in various countries of the world

Dmitry Novikov

“This is one of the difficult periods; there were more prosperous periods in relations between the PRC and the United States. Considering that in the modern world there is high tension, turbulence, and many points of confrontation, many are looking forward to this meeting in order to see whether it is possible to reduce tensions between the two largest powers in terms of economic potential in the modern world. Depending on the outcome of these negotiations, the relationship between Washington And Beijing either they will continue to develop downward, or this trend will be stopped, the level of attention will be increased,” he added.

November 15 at San Francisco will pass negotiations between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping. This will be the first meeting of politicians in a year. The American leader said the purpose of the meeting with his Chinese colleague was to return to a normal course of communication.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov stated journalists that the Kremlin will monitor reports of the meeting.

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