Russia spoke about the possibility of preparing a new UN resolution on Ukraine

First Deputy Permanent Representative Russia at UN Dmitry Polyansky spoke about the possibility of preparing a new resolution on Ukraine. He stated this in a conversation with RIA News.

“We don’t see any conditions for this,” Polyansky admitted, drawing attention to the lack of ideas for a new resolution.

He also pointed out that at the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine with the participation of Russia Moscow proposed a draft of its own resolution on humanitarian issues, but “this was unacceptable” to the West.

It was previously reported that the third committee UN General Assemblydealing with social, humanitarian and human rights issues, accepted Russian resolution to combat the glorification of Nazism. During the voting, 112 countries were in favor; representatives of 50 countries, including Ukraine, voted against the resolution. Germany, USA, Canada And UK.

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